Virtual Admin Fair Successfully Transitions Events from Offline to Online with EnableX

Virtual Admission fair

Unique in their approach and a success among students and eminent universities, Virtual Admissions Fair provides a virtual platform for students, parents and universities to interact. This helps students select the University of their choice and offers the latter an opportunity to connect better with eligible students every year.

Background- Higher education is a massive investment and since psychologically people want to ‘see and interact’ what they are signing up to, and to whom they are giving their money, the concept of virtual education fair is progressing across the globe. Virtual education fairs offer massive accessibility – crowd can be avoided, no travel requirements and high-quality interactions with decision-makers. These fairs, done over a Live Video Session, allow potential students to gain clarity on admissions from university directors and admissions officers, insights on how to plan their next steps amid ongoing disruption etc. Because of their ubiquity, flexibility and immediate interactivity, live video sessions have a decent edge over traditional, offline face-to-face teaching/exhibition sessions.

Challenge- The Covid-19 pandemic posed a great deal of dilemma for Smart Events (parent company of Virtual Admissions Fair). Their on-ground exhibitions had to be scrapped due to safety measures and social distancing regulations. And since the parents and students could not see or do a face-to-face interaction with University professionals, this further increased lack of confidence and surety on the former’s part.  As a result, Smart Events needed a, robust online solution that would help transition their onsite fair into virtual ones.

Solution- Augmenting Virtual Admissions Fair website with live videos sessions, where parents and students could connect with prospective universities. With EnableX, Virtual Admissions Fair helps students explore the potential opportunities in academics by offering real-time sessions on career counselling, panel discussions, interactions with Admission Officers, career assessment and more. These sessions help students get better clarity on their career decisions. Right from students’ registration to browsing through University booths and guiding them about which session to join- Virtual Admissions Fair helps accomplish all aspects of an offline fair in the Live Video.

Results- After embedding EnableX Video in their website, Smart Events witnessed heightened interest both from Universities and parents/students’ end. Some of the bigger improvements are as follows:

  • Clearer Means of Communication- On a live video, Universities get the opportunity to connect education counsellors with prospective students, showcase the college life at the campus or career opportunities and more. These factors help foster the all-important relationship that increases the chances of students choosing a particular university.
  • More features, higher engagement- Our platform has enabled Virtual Admissions Fair to offer built-in features such as, Chat that gives students/parents additional advantages when they connect with the University professionals.
  • Broadened audience reach- Interacting online helps minimise the geographical distance. Therefore, Universities now use the Virtual Admissions Fair platform to engage more and more students from different corners of the world.
  • Enrollment growth – Webinars work as a lead generation tool for Universities and other educational institutes. Since it’s an increasingly vital part of digital marketing to reach prospective college students, Universities use Virtual Admissions Fair to host a well-designed webinar that speaks to the audience on a topic they care about.

The EnableX Experience- “Partnering with EnableX has given my brand the ability to reach our target audience with maximum accuracy and business conversions. While previously, we used to focus solely on offline events, thanks to EnableX, we now know the immense potential Live Video sessions hold. The EnableX team assured the transition to be secure and smoother and that’s exactly how it turned out. The features in their platform has increased the audience’s participation, which is in-turn being highly appreciated by Universities we are partnering with.”, said Harpreet Bhatia, CEO, SmartEvents.

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